VIRGIN – YA Paranormal

Wheat fields. Cows. More wheat fields. For sixteen-year-old horror film fanatic, Emmeline Victor, this pretty much sums up life in Crystal, Minnesota. And those are the highlights. But when Chemistry teacher Mr. Castor, a.k.a. the local whack job, hires her as his lab assistant, life goes from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Under his employ, Emmeline discovers freakish things within the Bates Motel, er, his house: a neon green mixture bubbling in the basement; a globe with strange locales dotted across it; and a hundred-year-old photograph of Mr. Castor’s royally hot and decidedly not geriatric son, Willem. The shrieking violins from Psycho resonate in Emmeline’s head. But she discovers the truth is much more bizarre than macabre: Mr. Castor and Willem are trapped on Earth and trying to get home to Anavrin, an ancient magical realm.

From the inside of a gnome’s well to the mean streets of New York City, Emmeline joins them in a desperate struggle against a murderous villain bent on making their stay on Earth a permanent one, as she’s drawn into a world of enchantment, danger, and forbidden love.

Virgin is a coming-of-age story where the monsters of silver screen infamy are nothing compared to the real-life evil.